Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Odd stamps : 04d 3D stamps (static)

I wasn't sure if should post this article under 'static 3D' stamps, or make a complete new category.
In fact the stamp I'm prensenting you today, is not really 3D itself, it's a stereoscopic stamp that needs special tools, (glasses, container) to create the 3D effect.

Maybe some of us played as a kid with a 3D toy called a 'view master'.
It's a kind of binocular where a paper disc can be inserted.
Each image on the card, is printed twice and are shown simultanously when you see through the binocular.
Both images have small differences and as you 'see' only one image, the differences between both pictures create a 3D effect.

viewmaster with discs

viewmaster disc
same images
 This technique was used to create a 3D image of the Titanic stamp on a belgian sheet, issued in 2012.
At the 100th anniversary of the trip of the RMS Titanic.

The sheet can be bought separatly (2 stamps for non-standard mail to the world) @ 7,74 € face value! (prices 2012)
The stamps are 'forever' and facevalue will go up in the coming years.
The additional 3D glasses need to be bought separatly!

Full Titanic sheet
folder with glasses, stamps inside
To see the 3D effect, the stamps have to be taken out of the sheetlet and inserted to the holder.

This effect is created because the 2 stamps are slightly different from eachother...

In blue, the border of the ship is nearer to the the border of te stamp in the first stamp.
In red, the iceberg is smaler on the first stamp
In yellow, the mast goes between the I and E of "België" ; in the second stamp only behind the E
In purple, the smoke runs through the I and Q of "Belgique" ; in the second stamp, only through the Q
In green the last iceberg is smaller in the second stamp.

If you wish to see the 3D effect AND keep an intact sheet, you need to buy 2 sheets already.
And not to mention the 2 slightly different stamps on the sheet that are needed individually in preprinted stamp albums.

Total package : around 25 €

Expensive, yes, but yet, for those kinds of stamps, ... my heart will go on and on ...



Yes Manuel,I too have a red Viewmaster with few reels.I didnot know there there were view master type stamps.Keep up the good work.

rainbowstampsandcoins.blogspot.com said...

Hi, as far as I know this is the first stereoscopic stamp. One stamp alone is useless and two identical stamps can't create the 3D image either...
So yes, this is quite unique.