Sunday, April 22, 2012

Odd stamps : 06 e Stamps on cotton / silk

Thailand, once more.
I can't get enough of the beauty of Thai stamps.
This time, a special edition in the series of 'stamps on cotton'.
Altough, this is not really a stamp made out of, or printed on cotton.
It's thai silk!

The stamp came in a set of 4 and a sheetlet with one of the 4 stamps (25 baht) on.

Full sheetlet with one 25 baht stamp - sold for 60 baht

detail - silk oval with peacock in goldprint

In order to add more value to the stamp collection, postage stamp sheets have been made into two types. The first type features a peacock embroidered with brown silk thread on the golden silk material; the second type presents a peacock embossed on golden foil, on a white silk material. This is the first time that this innovation has been used in an issue of postage stamps. This stampset's issue date: 04.Aug.2010.

About 20,000 stamps had been produced, consuming nearly 5,500 meters of silk!

4 stamps thai silk, classic thai silk and royal thai silk

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