Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Odd stamps : 09c hologram stamps

One of my favourite countries to collect is surely Thailand.
Fair priced face value, high quality stamps and beautiful designs.

No wonder Thai Post emitted also holograpic stamps.

If you consider the hologram as the "grand cru" of printing, then only the highest is good enough to be depicted on the stamps.
For some countries this means "spacial" items, but for Thai, it can only be H.R.H. King Bhumibol (Rama IX).

In several series dedicated to the life and work of the Thai king, a special holograpic stamp is included in each set.
Thailand, the life of King Bhumibol
Thailand 1991 - detail hologram stamp
So far, only the King has been depicted on hologram stamps. So also with the next beautiful issue:

Although this sheet isn't really depicting the Thai king for a royal event, the king appears again on all stamps.
The sheet was issued in 2008, to commemorate 125 years fo Thai Postal Services.
As it was founded under Rama V (King Chulalongkorn), he is depicted on old stamps.
In the middle of the sheet, a hologram of the king.

Thailand full sheet 2008
Thailand detail hologram
Third and last item today, is again a sheet in honour of the life and work of King Bhumibol.
It's the second sheet in a series of stamps issued to celebrate the king's 80th birthday.

This sheet is seen in many Thai shops, on walls in private houses, ... in order to pay respect to the Thai king.
Respect also for the Thai postal services for the beautiful sheet.

Thailand full sheet 2007

Thailand detail hologram stamp + gold print

And there are more hologram stamps...

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