Thursday, February 23, 2012

Microstates : 18b MMM (fake)

The Mavrodi investment system was based on shares. Like there are billions of shares on the stockmarket.
Those shares represented a certain part of the company.

Shares were devided into 100 parts, and each part, one-hundredth of an MMM share was called a 'ticket'.
The russian word for 'ticket' is bilet, and two or more are called 'biletov'.
The price of the shares was published in the russian newspaper 'Pravda'
The last advertised price for the original issue of biletov in Pravda was on 28 July 1994, when Mavrodi was trying to sustain the value of his shares. The MMM advertisement stated the day’s price for the biletov as 1,340 rubles (sell) and 1,250 rubles (buy), while projecting the price for 2 August to be 1,500 rubles (sell) and 1,350 rubles (buy).

This were the values of the first round, first series of biletov 'notes' who were issued in july 1994.

The 1 set has 7 banknote-like ‘notes’ going from one bilet to 1000 biletov (one-hundredth of an MMM share to 10 MMM shares).

1st series (1994)
1, 10 and 20 bilet(ov)
back of a 10 biletov, similar to 1 and 20
50, 100 and 500 biletov
back of a 500 biletov (similar to 50, 100 and 1000)
1000 biletov (10 MMM shares)
Although they aren't banknotes, some security features can be found on the notes :

1. embedded fluorescent fibres (1 and 10, 50 and 100 biletov)
2. micro-printing is used on all notes, repeating ‘MMMBILETOV’ in Russian

3. a yellow MMM logo appears to the right on the front of the note when the note is submitted to ultra-violet light. (1 to 100 biletov)

4. MMM logo turns pink under a UV light (500 and 1000 biletov)
5. serial number turns green under UV light (50, 100, 500 and 1000) as well as the prefix (500 and 1000)

6. gold, bronze and silver (50 to 1000 biletov)

to be continued...

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