Friday, February 24, 2012

Microstates : 18c MMM (fake)

MMM : More of Mister Mavrodi

I never tought I could write that much about 'fake' banknotes. But since I got my first Mavrodi banknote-look-a-like, I searched for more.

In my previous post, I posted all notes belonging to the first series.
Now I show you the second series.

After the first success of the biletov-notes (the notes actually represented parts of MMM shares), and the huge profits that seemed to be paid out to the first share holders, a new set was printed.
Now, the Pravda newspaper didn't mention 'biletovs' anymore in their reports, but called the vouchers 'shares'.

Again 100 biletov represented one share of the elaborating MMM company.

The 'notes' in the second set are not as uniform as those in the first set.
There are 4 notes known, but there might be more.
The first 'note' in this series came in 2 versions.

two 1 bilet 'notes' with a blue and a grey face of Mavrodi
back of the 1 bilet 'note' second version slightly darker
The higher denominations :
100, 1000 and 10000 biletov - front
100, 1000 and 10000 biletov -back
The security marks in this second set are less complicated then the first series.
(Maybe there was no time to make a 'decent' note at that time).

1. embedded fluorescent fibres in all notes
2. the 1-, 100- and 1000 notes carry a halo of fluorescent ink around the serial number
    the 10,000 note has a serial number that fluoresces green when submitted to ultra-violet light.
3. micro text
4. fluorescent MMM logo
5. decoration on the sides can not be felt (on the first series, this border is rough)

to be continued

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