Sunday, June 19, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 04

When talking about Italy and cars, everyone immediatly thinks of Lamborghini, Maserati ... ... Fiat ...
but never about a Volkswagen.
In fact it isn't an Italian car of course.
Still, the republic of San Marino (entirly surrounded by Italy) has issued some nice stamps where my topic, Volkswagen Beetle, appears.

In 1998, the New Beetle was introduced. For that occasion, a sheet with 4 stamps was issued in 1997.
It commemorated the old Beetle and Golf I and welcomed the New Beetle and the Golf IV.
The sheet was issued one year before the release of the New Beetle, and by buying the sheetlet, one could participate in a contest, to win a "Nuovo Beetle"

 detailed picture
As a supporter of the original Volkswagen Beetle, I still prefer the "old model" above the new one. It's not a matter of taste, it's a matter of style! ;-)

Few years later, in 2000 many countries issued stamps to say farewell to the 20th century.
Most of those series show pictures of the 20th century and the highlights that should be remembered.
Again in San Marino, such a sheet was issued.

12 nice stamps show us the hightlights of the 20th century, from the World War, the landing on the Moon, over technical evolution, to modern pollution, leisure and ... traffic jams...
One of the stamps shows indeed a view of a highway, where cars are jammed.
Not a nice aspect of the 20th century, but a closer look on the stamp, shows us why I was interested in that particular one...

Indeed, the first car on the stamp is a Volkswagen Beetle from the 70's. Being the first car in the cue, doesn't mean it responsible for the cue behind it, but it shows us, that the Volkswagen indeed was the most popular and best sold car ever!
It's true that the 'Golf' has beaten the record of being the best sold car ever, but in my opinion, a Golf I, can't be compared with a Golf V nowadays. (see previous pictures)
The 'old' Beetle remained more or less the same from start till end.
By the way, the 'New Beetle' wasn't needed for Volkswagen to have the Beetle as best sold car ever.

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