Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dutch banknotes : Silverbons & Coin notes - 2

By the end of the Second Wold War, the fear of poorness grew among the population of Europe.
Everyone tried to 'hide' some valuables, to sell after the war.
And for those who have seen 'Allô, allô' a british comedy about the french resistance in WW II, I'm not talking about treasures as paintings by 'van Clomp'. 
The every day coins were still made out of silver, and therefor, they were kept aside by the end of the war.
Just in case, silver would at least be exchangable once peace was restored.

The need of small denominations and coins however was still there, and for the second time, the Royal Mint, issued paper versions of coins. In order to keep enough "coins" in circulation for daily use.

The first coin note represented the 1 guilder coin :

The second note came in replacement of the 2 and a half guilder coin.

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