Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Theme : Stamps on Stamps (postal services related stamps) - 03

This is the third post, decidated to postal servic related topics.
For collectors of postal stationary, and postal service related items, it's surely a must.
Belgian post vehicles in the early days and now are shown on this sheetlet of 2009. In this set, i posted 2 similar issues (2010 and 2011)

This sheetlet has two collums of 5 stamps, showing us postal cars.
Red was, and is still the colour of Belgium's postal services.
All stamps are ment for use within Belgium (the '1' in the circle indicates that); and altough stamps were a bit cheaper in 2009, the face value went up and the shown stamps can still be used.

Most preprinted albums will require only a set of 5 stamps.
And since the stamps are repeated in the sheet, one has all stamps in double if the complete sheet wants to be collected. The design on the right side of the sheet makes it worth putting them in double in your album.
If your preprinted album however also requests the 5 single stamps separatly... you 'll need each stamp 3 times.
Once more, the passionated collector has to pay triple the price of the stamps issued, to complete the set.

Nevertheless, a very nice issue once more.

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