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Bermuda : 01 Landscapes 1936

Islands always have something fascinating.
No matter how small or large an island is, it's always isolated.
As it's surrounded by water, you always need to do an extra effort to reach it, or to leave it.
As a stamp collector, islands have attracted me, because of their isolation.
Of course, islanders wrote and write to each other, but in all other cases, letters have travelled a bit further then usual. And they were also taken care of in a more special way.
Island letters have always been treated as ship mail or air mail. As so far, no mailman can walk on water.

Another aspect of island stamps, is the scenery on their coins and stamps.
It's rarely not connected to the island life, and ocean or sea scenery.

George V was ruling Great-Britain and all of its (crown) colonies in 1936.
Bermuda was one of the crown colonies in that era, so it resulted directly under the monarchy of the British Empire.
The Bermuda Islands id is in fact a group of over 350 small islands in the Nothern Atlantic Ocean, north-east of Florida (US).
Bermuda used the pre-decimal denomination of farthings, pence and shillings.
4 farthings equals a pence, 12 pence equals a shilling and 20 shilling equals a British pound (£).
Therefore, stamps with "1/6" have a face value of 1 shilling, 6 pence. (one and a half shilling).

Capital city of the Bermuda Islands is Hamilton, and can be found on many cancellations of Bermuda stamps.

The first set issued with island sceneries, was issued in 1936.

Hamilton Harbour

South shore

Yacht 'Lucie'
 Grape Bay

Typical Cottage


This set was repeated under George VI, with altered colours...

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