Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Theme : Zodiac signs 13

The theme of zodiac signs has always been popular.

The fact that there are 12 zodiac signs (which is an easy number to make sheets) - gives lots of possibilities for stamp designers.

Canadian postal services once more made a lovely sheet on this topic.

full sheet zodiac signs Canada
Each of the 12 stamps are printed in black and one colour.
If you'd put each stamp next to the other, they form the colours of the rainbow.
(how convenient for my blog).
Starting with red (Aries) to violet (Pisces)

zodiac signs Canada, detail
But there is more to discover :
If we look at the designs line by line, we see the same backgrounds :

Row 1 : element Fire

1st row : signs related to the element Fire
Row 2 : element Earth
2nd row : signs related to the element Earth
Row 3 : element Air
3rd row : signs related to the element Air

Row 4 : element Water
4th row : signs related to the element Water
Let's pic out my sign to show in detail:

On the stamp we see a picture symbolizing the zodiac sign and a picture of the star constellation.
The same picture of the star constellation is repeated in the border of the sheet.

Gemini constellation in the border of the sheet
Another 'must have' from Canada.

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