Sunday, March 25, 2012

Currency Today : Euro Common Design 01 c

Let me continue with the TOR coins.

13 countries participated in the first common design.
All together emitting 17 coins, as Germany has 5 different coins.

The countries are :
Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany (5) : see previous post

and Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Finland (Suomi)

Finlands coins are more rare then most other coins in this set. As Finland has no countries next to them that are using Euro coins as well, the finnish coins don't get spread that easily.

TOR Finland 2007

1. the finnish mint mark can be found in the outer circle of the coin.
Euro id finland s02.jpg  is the mint mark of the finnish mint


Together with german coins, french coins get spread widly all over Europe.
The french coin has two mint marks too?

TOR France 2007
1.  The cornucopia can also be seen on some coins of Luxemburg, but it's a french mint mark.

Euro mintmarkmark france.jpg
2. The hunting horn and waves is the master mint mark of H. Larivière.

Euro mintmaster france 04.jpg


Not all greek coins are made in Greece.
Some of them are minted in Spain, Finland or France.
In that case they bare the letter E (Spain), S(uomi - Finland) or F (France) in one of the stars.

TOR Greece 2007

1. the accantus leaf is the symbol of the Athens Mint
Euro mintmark greece.jpg


The last coin for now is the italian TOR coin.
Italy doesn't put 'treaty' of Rome, but 'treaties' of Rome, as there was more then one agreement that was signed on this event on March 25, 1957.

TOR Italy 2007
1. treaties of Rome
2. "R" mint mark of Rome

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