Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Odd stamps : 01f Perfumed stamps

Two things are forever ... Diamonds and... Strawberry Fields!
So far I have no stamps with diamonds so you'll have to do it with strawberry fields.
Well almost ...

In 2011, la Poste (the French postal services) emitted a sheetlet, to honour 'stamps'.
"Fête du Timbre" can be translated as "Stamp Feast".

France 2011 - fête du timbre

The stamp shows a beautiful complete strawberry, while on the side of the sheet, a devided strawberry is depiced, as well as the outlines of a strawberry plant.

A special extra can be found on the back side of the stamp, as the printing is partly repeated on the back side.
France 2011 - fête du timbre - back
Next to a barcode, we see a mirrored image of the full (and half) strawberry on front.
As if two sliced strawberries are depicted, one with the full side towards the front, one towards the backside.

The most remarkable however is the smell of strawberries!

When we take a closer look at the back side of the sheetlet, we see two zones with different printing.
the light blue line (top) shows where the gum is added.
The dark blue line (lower) indicates a zone with fragrance.

Stamps like this are a pleasure to have in your collection, unfortunately the fragrance will dissapear after a while, unless you keep the sheetlet in a sealed environnement.

After all ... only two things are forever... diamonds and strawberry fields ;-)

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