Friday, June 10, 2016

Microstates : 18d MMM (fake)

Somehow it's a pity to waste much time and effort to a fake set of notes, such as the (in)famous Mavrodi biletovs.
However I noticed something so remarkable not so long ago, that I didn't want to hold it back.

In fact, this small article has nothing to do with the previous articles I wrote on Mavrodi's MMM bank shares. And yet, it's a nice way to complete this set of articles.

First of all I have to say tell you that in Belgium (where I live), since a couple of years, the licence plates were renewed.
Since we were running out of combinations with 3 letters and 3 numbers. A new digit was added to the official licence plates. New plates look like "1-ABC-123"
belgian licence plate new style
Together with this is was possible to request a private plate, which started with a 9-.........
However, the system was very successful, and although a private licence plate costed € 1000 each, the demand increased. 
Ok, now comes the funny part.... excluded combinations were 'numbers alone' as they are used for the royal family....
A lot of cars were fined in France for speeding, but the French authorities didn't have the means yet to identify the new belgian licence plates, and could only read 1 - ...... which happens to be the licence plate of our King.....
At the beginning a lot of speeding tickets were sent to the belgian royals...

belgian licence plate of the royal family
One problem solved now.
After a while, the possibility to have any possible combination, replaced the 'old' 9-...... plates, and any combination of 8 digits was possible. (Those plates cost € 2000 ! each).
Again, no offensive names, or numbers alone, or politically inspired names were alowed.
For the rest ...
private plate with one digit
private plate with 6 digits
private plate with 7 digits
And finally.... to come where I started the article ...
This car stopped in front of me at the trafic lights :
MMM - licence plate (Belgium)
I wonder if the car owner is aware of the MMM-banknotes, but if not, he's popluar now.

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