Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Theme : 1st issues : 05 Ecuador

The first stamps of Ecuador were issued in 1865.
Yet the first stamps aren't too difficult to find and not too expensive either.

The country, litteraly on the equator, issued 4 stamps between 1865 and 1872, showing the coat of arms of this South American republic.

Michel-catalogues point out the 1/2 real as the first stamp.
Yvert states, as Michel did, the blue 1/2 real as the first stamp (1865).
It's quite possible that Yvert took over the information mentionned in Michel.
Scott  however starts with Yvert's number 3, the yellowish 1 real , but mention a later date of issue (1872), than its own n° 2, 4 and 6 (1866 and 1867).

So the 1/2 real wins the "who's first" competition...

Ecuador n° 1 - used
The quality of my first Ecuadorian, is not too good (also the paper is quite thin), but then the catalogue value of a good copy is hardly € 20 / $ 25.
Among all 1st issues, (and certainly among the ones of the 19th century) certainly not an expensive stamp.

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