Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currency today : the Netherlands 02

In several European countries, recently princes have enherited the thrones of their fathers.
Moneywise, lost of coins therefore, have new designs, with the new monarch depicted.

In The Netherlands, Queen Beatrix has abdicated in favour of her son King Willem-Alexander.
As I wrote earlier, when a king/queen is depicted facing the left, his ancestor and his successor will be depicted facing the left.
see :

Queen Beatrix appears on all coins looking to the left, so King Willem-Alexander is looking the opposite way.

The first new coin that was issued, is the regular circulation coin.

On the left we see Queen Beatrix, facing the left, on the right, King Willem-Alexander is facing right.
The design of the king's head is also a more modern design.

Queen Beatrix (left) - King Willem-Alexander (right)

Two commemorative coins were also emitted, both with the two monarchs.
On the left coin, (the Beatrix-coin) we see the Queen in the front (facing left as usual) en behind her
the former prince Willem-Alexander.

The second coin (thed Willem-Alexander-coin), shows King Willem-Alexander in the front (facing right as usual) en behind him, former Queen, now Princess Beatrix.

Queen Beatrix (left) - King Willem-Alexander (right)
It's a nice tribute to the countrywide respected Queen Beatrix, and a nice way to express the change of power in the Netherlands.

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