Thursday, September 5, 2013

Theme : Alphabets - 01

Languages have always been my passion, and much starts with alphabets of course.
Since September is the perfect month to start school, I start my new topic on themed stamps now.
Alphabets and all that is related to that topic.

For the first item, I take you to Hong Kong, China.

In 2006 a sheet with 30 stamps was issued.
26 letters of the Latin alphabet, and 4 repeated letters A, E, I and O.
All stamp show one letter, and they can be combined to a word.

full sheet - gummed
Each stamp shows a partly printed letter and partly a tool in the shape of the non-shown part of the letter. There's no actual relation between the tool and the shown letter (except for the shape).

detail HK sheet 2006
The same sheet was also printed on auto-adhesive paper.
The stamps are identical to the gummed ones, except for the perforation.

full sheet - auto-adhesive
detail HK sheet 2006 auto-adhesive

... this is just the beginning ...

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