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Collecting : My collection 04 d

How about the last qualification for used stamps.
In the previous article I wrote about the last of the 3 qualification labels (XYZ) for unused stamps.
For (postally) used stamps, there's also a third category, the Z-factor

Again, the qualification runs from 5 (luxe) to 0 (bad).
As you've seen, I have mentionned postally used stamps and not 'cancelled' stamps.
For obvious reasons, I skipp the 'CTO' (Cancelled to Order) stamps from this list.
As those cancels are ment to be 'luxe' cancels, they aren't always and you can find them in each of the 6 categories.
However, the stamps with CTO cancels were never postally used, so the value -for me- is nill.

Some stamps (old communist countries) are very rare postally used, and even catalogues mention them as 'valuable' - just because there's no other alternative.
Also mass cancelations by certain countries (see previous articles) are mentionned in the catalogue with a limited value.
see :

The Z-digit:

"5" is the qualification for LUXE cancelations.
The city of cancelation has to be visible and straight up, (max. declination of 10%)
The cancel has to be clear, no ink spots or second cancel on the stamp.
The year has to be visible (and within the time of use of the stamp)
- for 'forever' stamps, a timeframe of +/- 3 years from the date of issue
The cancel has to be completely or nearly completely on the stamp, without damaging the image of the stamp.

Sweden n° 21 - issued November 1918  - cancel Eskilstunar
cancelled 16 April 1919

"4" is for all very good cancels, who miss one (or two) of the above mentionned requirements.
and I have to admit, most of the stamps are like this in my collection... some examples:

Sweden n° 21 - issued 1/7/1872  - cancel Osthammar
no luxe : cancel not sharp
Sweden n° 28 - issued May 1877  - cancel Stockholm
no luxe : declination is 90°
Sweden n° 32 - issued May 1877  - cancel Stockholm
no luxe : cancel 6 years after issuing date
Sweden n° 33 - issued July 1877  - cancel Kristine....
no luxe : cancel incomplete and pale
Sweden n° 33 - issued June 1877  - cancel Stockholm
no luxe : cancel is interrupted by a second cancel

"3" is for all other 'very good' cancels, city and year are (partially visible) and can be deducted.
even up-side-down cancels or late cancels (up to 10 years) are ok.

very good cancels - Sweden 1911

"2" City or date are only partially recognisable and/or multiple cancels

good cancel - Sweden 1918

"1" anything below qualification "2" with somehow a recognisable cancel

poor cancels - Sweden
"0" for meaningless (wavy lines, black spots, advertisement) or tiny cancels

meaningless cancel - Sweden
Some 'classical' stamps (UK, Mexico, US, ...) have cancels without city or date.
This does not mean that those cancels are to be labeled with a "0"
Some of those cancels can be traced by year and/or city of use!

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