Thursday, July 11, 2013

Collecting : My collection 04 c

The last digit in my qualification system...

I told you earlier about the X-factor (perforations), the Y-factor (margins or centering), and now the final and maybe most interesting Z-factor...

For unused stamps we will use it to give a qualification to the gum, for (postally) used stamps, the quality of the cancel.

Let's first talk about unused (MNH) stamps

The Z-digit:

"5" MNH  means Mint, never hinged. *** or ** in catalogues
stamps have the original gum, no spots, no mark of any kind (except an expert's mark - for professionals)

"4" MLH menas Mint, lightly hinged. * in catalogues
The original hinge was removed or a small part remains on the stamp, furtheron no defects to the gum, no spots

"3" MH, Mint and hinged.
The hinge mark is still visible, or is removed but a larger part of the stamp is affected

X Y 5                                        X Y 4                                        X Y 3
 "2" Mint (as in 'unused'), minimum 50% of the original gum is still on the stamp

"1" Mint (unused) less then 50% of the original gum is left on the stamp

"0" MNG (mint no gum) (*) in catalogues
Unused stamps, but no (original) gum left - can be a used stamp without any cancel

X Y 2                                        X Y 1                                        X Y 0
For the qualification of cancelled stamps, see next article ...

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