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Thai coins : 01 g - 10 baht commemorative coins

The next episode in the (almost) never ending story of commemorative coins of Thailand.

Y # 402

In 2005 (BE 2548) a coin was emitted to honour the Treasury Department.
This department, is part of the Thai Ministry of Finance.

King Rama IX - Y 402 front
seal Treasury Dept. - Y 402 back
The seal is rather small depicted on the coin.
It shows a dragon with wings - phoenix with tail.

Seal Treasury Department
Y # 411

Earlier issued, but with a higher number in the catalogue, is the next coin.
Again, a commemorative coin, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Royal Scolar Board.
The foundation of this institued in 1934, took place under King Rama VII (King Prajadhipok).

On the coin, both kings, King Rama VII and King Rama IX are depicted.
King Rama VII and King Rama IX
The back of the coin shows teh Royal Scolar Board's seal.
Royal Scolar Board's Seal
Y # 412

Another 70th anniversary that was commemorated in 2004, is the Queen's 70th anniversary.
Queen Sirikit can be found on the front of the coin; the royal seal on the back of the coin.
Queen Sirikit - Y 412 front
Royal seal - Y 412 back

Queen Sirikit of Thailand
Y # 413

The last coin for today, is not for an anniversary, but was issued at the occasion of the World IUCN Conservation Congress, that was held in Thailand in 2004.
IUCN is the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Again the front of the coins shows the bust of King Rama IX, the back of the coin shows the logo of the IUCN.

The congress was held in Bangkok in November 2004, under the titel : "People and Nature, only one world..."
IUCN 2004
Y 413 - front
Y 413 - back IUCN logo
more to follow...

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