Sunday, March 24, 2013

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 04 c

I wrote already about trapezoid stamps ( but there are more stamps in that shape.

I was on a stamp fair and that's where I found the following stamps of Tanzania.
They are CTO - unfortunatly - but from some countries that's more or less the only way to obtain the emitted stamps.
We see a weird combiation of prehistorical animals
2/- Plateosaurus
3/- Pteranodon
5/- Jurasic Brontosaurus
and 100/- Stegosaurus

and, the other values shows animals that are still alive:
7/- Lions
8/- Tiger (strange, as tigers do not live in Africa)
12/- Orang-Utang (living in Sumatra and Borneo)
20/- Elephants

This weird set is fun for children and for me (as I like the shape) but for collectors not really a hot item.
The fact that they are all CTO makes the whole set even less interesting.
However, I can't keep them away from my blog, as the 'oddness' is there...

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