Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 07 e

We have arrived at the third and last set of stamps, emitted for the 84th birthday of the King of Thailand (King Rama IX).

This issue is a bit different from the other 2 emissions.
First of all, it's only one stamp this time, not 7 as in the first and second emission.
Secondly, the stamp has a 'high' face value of 100 baht. (the other stamps only had a face value of 5 baht each).

The stamp however remains heptagonal, as a symbol of the 7th cycle (7 x 12).

The face value is higher, but that is easy to explain...

100 baht stamp - his Majesty King Rama IX
The stamps are issued with 22 karat gold print and silver print.
The theme of the third series of these commemorative stamps is "Wishing the King greatest happiness". The series come in only one design - a picture of His Majesty the King in royal ceremonial attire. The sheets have 4 identical stamps.

full sheet of 4 identical stamps

These are - so far - the only heptagonal stamps that I know of.

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You have done a lovely effort on shaped stamps.waiting to hear when you want the Malaysian stamps.