Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Odd stamps : 06 g Stamps on cotton / silk (part 1)

For my next item, we go to France.
In October 2011, 4 sheetlets were issued on the theme of "lace".
Each block has a square stamp with lace from a cerain area in France.

the first two blocks
1. Lace : type Alençon

Alençon is a city in the south of France, (region Basse-Normandy)

detail stamp Alençon

lace Alençon-style

2. Lace : type Chantilly

Chantilly lace, got it's name from the Northern French city Chantilly (north of Paris).
The lace is very fine, and often in black silk.

detail stamp Chantilly

lace Chantilly-style

Both stamps have a piece of cloth stuck on the stamp.

the outline of the cloth attached to the stamp
to be continued ...

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