Monday, July 23, 2012

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 06 d

One of the most remarkable stamps with hexagonal stamps was issued in India.
In fact it 's a set of 2 stamps, 5 rupees and 15 rupees.

5 rupees
15 rupees

Two nice examples of hexagonal stamps with tortoises (turtles).

Of course, that alone is not enough for postal services.
Both stamps were issued in sheets.
Unfortunatly not just one sheet, not two, not even three.... but four different sheets!

First sheet is a sheet with 13 stamps of 5 rupees (= 65 rupees)
The second one is the same sheet, but with 13 stamps of 15 rupees (= 195 rupees)

13 x 5 rupees
13 x 15 rupees
Both sheets show a complete tortoise, with the stamps devided over the animal.
That should be fair enough, but no, there are 2 additional sheets printed.
One with 5 times 15 rupees and 8 times 5 rupees (= 115 rupees)
And a second one with 5 times 5 rupees and 8 times 15 rupees (= 145 rupees)

5 x 15 rupees and 8 x 5 rupees
5 x 5 rupees and 8 x 15 rupees
Only two stamps, but in order to have the full set of sheets ... you'll paid 520 rupies (in stead of 20 rupees).
The stamps and the sheets are really nice but in my opinion, a bit of a rip off for Indian stamp collectors.
All sheets were issued in 2008. Thanks to my loyal contacts in India, I was lucky to obtain all 4 sheets, because I noticed that after a short time, those sheets were not available on the Indian market anymore. And that's not for the benefit of the individual collectors.

Nevertheless, a very nice and highly wanted item.

to be continued...

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very nice that you have highlighted these tortoise stamps.Yes stamps are getting involved in price fixing.Sad but true.
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