Friday, July 6, 2012

Odd stamps : 02c Silver / golden stamps

It has been a long time, but never to late to post something on 'odd stamps' :)
One of the first articles was about silver stamps.

Today I'm presenting a silver stamp from France.
It was emitted in 2011 and deals with rugby.

France 2011 - front and back side of a card holding a silver stamp
The stamp is emitted in a cardboard card (size of a bankcard) and the stamp itself is protected by a plastic foil. (Silver shifts colour when exposed to oxygen / air).

France 2011 - card with silver stamp
On the front side of the card, you 'll find a rugby field, the stamp is placed in the middle of the field and shows 2 rugby players.

France 2011 - silver stamp on rugby
Face value of the stamp is € 5,-
Finding this stamp postally used will be very difficult, as 5 Euro is a value that is not common for sending regular mail abroad from France.

to be continued ...

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