Sunday, November 10, 2013

Odd stamps : 01d Perfumed stamps

I have posted previously some perfumed stamps.
Perfume smells good (or at least so it was ment to be), but there is more into a nose then picking up good odors.
No, I'm not talking about sticking your nose into someone else's business, actually the stamps I'm presenting today ARE everyone's business...

preserve nature - Brazil 1999
This set of stamps is special in 2 ways.
First of all it is printed on recycled paper, and that is of course a blessing for the already threatened forests, especially in Brazil.

Second special fact, is the centre of the 4 stamps.
Each of the 4 auto adhesive stamps shows a nature related image:
we see an anteter, a flower, a leaf and the bark of a three.
One corner of each stamp is 'burning' and the four stamps together gives the impression that the middle part of the block is burned away.
The stamps warn us to prevent wildfires.

'smelly' centre of the 4 stamps
60 % of the Amazon rainforest are located in Brazil.
Wildfires (whether or not intentionally caused) are a threat to the deforestation of the largest green lung of the world, and in the end also the entire humanity.

The stamps do not only show 'fire', they also smell like burned items.

protect nature - detail
Stamps are printed as one big image spread of the 4 stamps.
The perforation is uncommon and absent towards the corners of the stamps.
The set was issued in 1999 by Brazilian postal services.

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