Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To be or not to be : CTO - The disputable ones 06 b

In the previous post, I showed some telegraph cancels on regular stamps.
Those cancels are not the only disputable cancels.
Also telephone cancels and revenue cancels were used to cancel regular stamps.
According the Michel-catalogue (and that's the best I found so far), there are 4 types of cancels to beware of.

4 types of non-postal cancels - old Japan

The first type I described in my previous article.
Now some examples of the other types:
Easy to recognise cancels

second type of non-postal cancel
second type of non-postal cancel
The last two types are also easy to recognise, but there's one important notice:
We can easily see the date (Japanese Era) on the cancel, and yet it's not a postal cancellation.
For postal cancellations also have an indication of time (hours).
On the purple stamp it's easy to see that this indication is missing.
The blue stamp in incoplete, so we're not sure.

(non)-postal cancels
The same type of cancels as the those above, but now with indication of time (hours) are postal cancellations.
Important to know is that Michel and Scott gives them a value 5 times higher then the non-postal cancels. (= 1/5 of the catalogue prices)

postal cancels
to be continued ...

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