Thursday, September 13, 2012

Odd Banknotes - 04 Thailand

Whenever I come to the topic of 'odd bankotes', Thailand is not far away.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej accessed the throne in 1946.
This makes him the longest reigning monarch in the world.

For those who follow my articles on zodiac signs, we all know that there are 12 signs in western zodiac and in chinese zodiac.
After 12 years, one 'cycle' is completed, and you're back in the sign you were born under.

The banknote I'm presenting today, celebrates the 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary.
In English this means : 7 x 12 = 84th birthday.

front side of the cover with the 100 baht note

The size and the value of the 100 baht note are not special, but it's a limited emission and a superb printed bankote.

The banknote is presented in a cover with a plastic holder. The see-through window allows us to see both front and back side, without having to touch the note.
On the front, we find the portrait of H.R.M. King IX, and next to him, a silver foil circle, baring the King's initials.

front side of the note - detail

We see the King's portrait in a yellowish glow.
When the banknote is lifted the yellowish glow becomes a gold print.
Mark also the special serial number : "9" ; this refers to the king, who's the nineth king (Rama IX) of the Chakri dynasty.

the "9" in the serial number refers to king Rama IX

At the back of the note we see scenes from the life and works of the king: King Rama IX with camera, holding papers, during his visit to Mae Roem Reservoir Project; Rama IX kneeling with a group of Thai people; royal Garuda emblem; Rama IX playing the saxophone; Rama IX planting an experimental plot of vetiver grass; four aircraft employing Super Sandwich cloud-seeding technique; Kwai Noi Bamrung Daen Dam in Phitsanulok Province and Chaipattana Low Speed Surface Aerator.

back side of the banknote
The banknote bares no date, but was introduced on 2 December 2011. Shortly before the birthday of the king (5 December)

Another link to the '9' of king Rama IX, is the fact that 9,999,999 banknotes were printed.
With the help of my friend in Thailand, who sent me the banknote, I can present one of those notes to you today.

To becontinued...

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