Friday, May 4, 2012

Collecting : my collection 03d

In my previous post, you will not have seen a German or a French catalogue.
Also not a Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish ... catalogue.
This has a reason.
For those catalogues can't be seen as 'local' catalogues alone.

Remember I talked about 4 types of collectors:

1. countrywise
2. regionwise
3. worldwide
4. theme collection

In the previous post, I showed some individual, local, country catalogues.
Now I put some 'region' catalogues under your attention.

Regions can be of various types:
- the scandinavian countries - very popular amongst European collectors - (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
     (extended with Iceland, Finland and even Greenland, Faroer Islands, Åland, ...)
- Balcan area (Albania, Bosnia i Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro)
     (extended if wanted with Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and even Romania and Turkey)
- Islands of the Caribean
- The Middle East
- ...

For those collectors there isn't much choice.
As there is no catalogue that only deals with a certain region.
Except the FACIT catalogue, that combines all scandinavian countries.

Facit 1998-99
This splendit catalogue is an amazing treasure for collectors of this part of Europe.
Not easy to find second hand, but this copy is.

Besides a regional catalogue, it can also (of course) be used as a local catalogue for each individual country.

Some worldwide catalogues, have the same benefits as this Facit-catalogue,
but I will explain that in my next post(s).

to be continued...

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