Sunday, July 30, 2023

Currency Today : Azerbaijan 9

On this final post on Azerbaijani banknotes, I would like to point at some similarities with the euro currencey.

First of all is the symbol for the manat currency:
₼ is the symbol, derived from the Azerbaijan 'm'. The designer of the banknotes of Azerbaijan, happens to be mr. Robert Kalina, who also designed the euro banknotes...
₼ and € do have a similar appearance, in my -humble- opinion.

100 manat detail sidewise
Secondly, all euro note from the second series, have lines (slashes) in their margins.
So do the manat notes (new design) have...
The difference is that manat notes have 'slashes' and euro notes have 'back slashes'

Azerbaijan manat notes vs euro notes

Another 'coincidence' is the European map on all 'old style' notes of Azerbaijan.
Of course, the map is supposed to be the same in all countries, but the map simply does not appear on other countries' notes...

Euro note vs Azerbaijan note

That is all about the Azarbaijani banknotes.

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