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Album pages common designs - 1. 1935 Silver Jubilee

The 1935 Silver Jubilee set is the first set with a common design for not less then 44 countries and territories, that are or were part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
The group of 44 can even be extended with 18 more countries/territories, that issued stamps for the same anniversary, but who did not choose the same design.
Although strickly seen they are not 'common designs', I have added the stamps to the album, as they are often collected as part of the full set.

1935 Silver Jubilee CD 301

The set depicts the 25th anniversary of the reign of King George V, in 1935.
Besides the face of the king, we see Windsor castle.
The first group with exactly the common design, consists of 44 countries, each issuing 4 stamps.
In the extended group of 18 countries, we find issues with 2 stamps only, and issues with up to 7 stamps.
Both parts together, result in 245 stamps for this collection.

Below is a clickable link, to a PDF-file, with the full set on album pages.
(a free PDF-reader is needed to open the file)
CD 301 : Silver Jubilee 1935

The pages were made by me, with the AlbumEasy program.

screenshot PDF
A full, step-by-step course can be found on my blog, starting here

This link leads to the introduction page, all further lessons can be found in the blog archive (lesson 1 to 40).

Please let me know in the comment section, if there are mistakes (size, information, ...), I will gladly update the file if necessary.
For those who work with AlbumEasy, and who want to alter fonts, page sizes (US) themselves, drop me a message too, and I will send the .txt-file for this album.

Please note that catalog numbers are omitted in the album, as they are depending on the used catalog.

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