Thursday, June 23, 2022

Currency Today : Venezuela 16

By 23 April 2020, the exchange rate for the Venezolan Bolívar Soberano, was 1 USD = 144,697 BsS.
One day later it was already 1 USD = 171,140 BsS

New notes were needed once again...
Similar to the notes issued in 2019, the 2020 notes are predominal in one colour.
The many zeros on the new notes (200,000 - 500,000) are replace by the word MIL (thousand).

200,000 BsS

200,000 BsS - verso
The 200 MIL BsB (or 200,000 BsS)-note is in a soft brownish-grey colour.
And the 500 MIL (or 500,000 BsS)-note is purple.
500,000 BsS

500,000 BsS - verso
In the same set, a 1,000,000 -note (1 millón) concludes the series.
Although the colour is not very expressive, for this note, at least two colours were used.
One small addition to this note, is the image of the Battle of Carabobo, which took place 200 years earlier.
1,000,000 BsS

1,000,000 BsS - verso
In 2020 the minimum wage in Venezuela was about 1,2 million BsS.
However, by the time the 1 million note was announced, its value had already dropped to a depressing half US dollar.
Similar to the paper note, a 'digital' version was introduced too.
The 6 notes in use in 2020 therefore had a 'digital' equivalent, with less zeros.

to be continued ... ?

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